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Welcome to! I am honored to have you stop by. I am a Christian, author, blogger and dog lover who writes about things that can encourage others on their life journey, a journey that ultimately leads to heaven. I believe dogs are on that journey as well.TO

This photo really sums things up. We, we being us humans and our dogs (pets), are on this life journey together to our ultimate destination.  Jesus is that door to our forever home of heaven.


And on this path, I believe we all need encouragement, now more than ever.  There is so much negative in this world, it isn’t always easy to keep focused on the positive.

tana osborn

My name is Tana, as you probably have guessed.  I am just a regular person who is on life’s journey, as are you.   We have joys and sorrows on this earthly part of our journey, but ultimately God has a forever home in heaven for those who want it.  I know I do.



SageMy dogs are truly some of my best friends.  And after losing 2 of my very dearest canine friends, I went searching for reassurance that they would be in heaven.  I delve into God’s word, not really knowing what I’d find in regards to animals, more specifically our treasured pets, being in heaven.  I was grieving and needed comfort.  I was truly amazed at all the Bible actually said about animals being in heaven.  So, as I studied God’s word and researched other prominent respected Bible scholars, I wrote my findings in a book, Until Heaven Then My Friend.

That sparked this personal blog as I wanted to not only share with folks the undeniable hope of being reunited with our beloved pets in heaven, but also just to offer encouragement for our life journey along the way.

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You can also check my blog’s archive for a list of every post or use the search function to find other posts that might be of interest.

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If You Found This Blog Because You Recently Lost A Cherished Pet …

If you are dealing with grief over losing a cherished pet and just need proof to be reassured that your pet is safe in heaven and that someday you will be reunited, you might want to Until Heaven Thenget a copy of the information I found out about in my research.

I was so saddened by the loss of my special dog, but knowing without a doubt that he is safe in heaven and that I’ll see him again has brought me such reassuring comfort. I think you’ll have this comfort as well after reading this book. You can get the PDF copy online, which probably takes about an hour to read through or you can get a hard copy from Amazon.

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I sincerely hope that you find encouragement here.  Is there something you’d like to share about your walk with the Lord or something special about the bond you had or have with a cherished pet?  I would love to connect with you on my

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