Understand This Forever Home

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Understanding This Forever Home That Is Being Prepared For You

There had been some unrest in my soul in trying to understand this forever home concept. I have had a longing to feel like I am home. I have moved place to place, but nowhere does it feel like where I want to settle. I have come to realize that this is, in fact, related to a longing to be home, but this home, does not exist on this current earth.

I have been learning more and more about heaven the last few years as well as the New Earth where we will live for eternity. I have learned a great deal about what heaven is really like. In so doing, I have realized that there are many misconceptions about heaven. And it seems that we don’t hear enough about what heaven is really like in church.


Heaven is not something to be feared. This current earth, you might not be able to say that. There is much suffering here. It is often hard to comprehend what some people go through. We all have painful challenges, some lasting minutes, some even lasting years. Understanding the home God has for us can help us keep things in perspective. It can help us find some joy in the midst of suffering. It can bring us comfort to know that our current sufferings will not even compare with what God is preparing for each of us who have accepted the gift of salvation, Jesus, who died for us.

Heaven will not be some dull place where there are only clouds and harps. It will likely be much like this current earth without all the yuk. There will be harps, but also guitars, trumpets and many more. There will be buildings and untainted nature will abound. It appears from God’s word, that the New Earth will be even more so. We will work, laugh and eat among other things that we enjoy now, but only there it will be much grander.

When we long for more energy, happiness or closeness to someone we love, are we not longing for those things of heaven? I think knowing that heaven is an awesome extension of what we are familiar with makes it a place we want to call home. Yet there is still much we don’t know about heaven. It is like going on a trip to a place we’ve heard some things about, but haven’t been. There is a certain mystery and excitement that builds as it gets closer to our trip to that destination. So it is with heaven. Believers understand that we are not living in our forever home, but still aren’t really sure what that will be like.

In searching for this balance of enjoying the hope of my forever home, but settling in on this current earth for now, has had its challenges. I think it is important that believers learn more about their forever home as it does bring an inexpressible peace. It helps believers understand just how much they are loved and wanted. Think about it. From the beginning of time as we know it, God had a plan for our human redemption. Why? We fall so short of the glory of God. Well, God knew we would, but He still wanted to have fellowship with us. He still wanted us to be part of His kingdom, His family. So, on the scene comes Jesus, our Savior.

For God so loved the world, that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life – John 3:16

our pathway

Jesus is the bridge, if you will, that allows us to be in God’s family. Though He doesn’t force us to choose Him, the invitation is there. I find it sad and baffling why some people choose not accept this gift of salvation from the only one who can offer such an indescribable gift, promise and love that they will never find anywhere else on this current earth.

Being a child of God, however, does not prevent troubles on this earth as sin prevails for now, but God has provided a way out. Whether some of us seem to have struggles most of our lives or just off and on, I believe God is shaping us for our roles in heaven. Whatever that might be, we will enjoy it without anymore pain or tears. It is good to hold onto that perspective all our moments on this current earth. While we do, let’s enjoy those things on this current earth that will come with us to our forever home. Things like, but not limited to:

  • Caring for others
  • Spending time with people we love
  • Even our work
  • Our rest
  • Our creations
  • Our fun times
  • Eating
  • Enjoying nature
  • Laughter
  • Service
  • And of course, many other things

These things all matter in the big picture of heaven. There will always be some things that we won’t get why we had to experience, but in time we will. That’s where our faith comes in.

There are things we can enjoy on the current earth despite its present turmoil. It pleases God when we do, I believe. But also growing that love for our forever home that the Lord who loves us is preparing can strengthen our gratitude and our perspective while living out our time on this current earth.

And if you happen to still be on this current earth when the trumpets blow, have your heart ready to go. The way the world is going it may not be too long from now. When you understand the awesomeness of heaven, you will know that there is nothing you will miss on this current earth. I think that is most difficult for younger people to understand. I know you may be reluctant to go as you may perceive that you didn’t experience some things you wanted to, but heaven will more than make up for anything you think you’ve missed on this current earth. Trust that it really won’t matter in the light of heaven.

We must remember all that God put in place from the beginning of time just so He could spend eternity with you. He has got this and He has got you. My message in all this:

  • Strengthen your relationship with your Lord and Savior
  • Learn what you can about your forever home He has planned for you
  • Trust the Lord for those things you don’t understand
  • Enjoy those good times on this current earth
  • Through the not so good times, let the knowledge of His love for you and your future home keep it all in perspective.

However, when those trumpets blow, don’t think twice, trust Him and let your heart be ready to go.

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